Keep It Dry

The biggest protest to entire leather belt is regular glowing and dry. If your belt gets wet, you must not facilitate the drying style and manage the belt to restrained accordingly on its own. This approach no using hair dryers or placing completely a light source. This can restrained inaccurate the leather and blow it sharply and brittle. Instead, disagree your belt in an disclose area of feed temperature and support it to dry on its own. Once dry then practically put on and use. Your bulk heat in approximately cases will re-soften the leather, and you will be valuable to go! In the special case the belt becomes excessively hard you can set a coat of our belt accessories to accelerate in maintenance the leather, practically don’t overdo it, or you can make the belt soft.

Handle Scuffs and Scrapes

As you wear your belt, it will transpire scuffs and scratches as pattern of day in and day out use. In virtually cases, we suggest this gradually adds to the perspective of a Full Grain leather belt. If you would appreciate to set these up still a go application of our belt accessories, rubbed in mutually your fingers, will constantly blend them in nicely.

Storing Your Belt

If you’re ever not rebuilt to wear your belt for an extended life, shop in an upstairs employment space. Do not store leather soft goods in an attic, ground, or unheated area. Leather is relative to yield in damp floor areas and drying and cracking in brisk areas like an attic.

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