In this article we described as How to buy a best quality Leather. Basically leathers are categorized by Three ctypes: These are : Genuine leather, Top-grain leather, Full-grain leather.

1.Genuine leather

Genuine leather doesn’t just mean that the product is made of real leather, but it also means it is the lowest quality of all products made out of real leather.
Genuine leather generally doesn’t last as long or look as nice as top quality leather. You’ll typically find it in belts from mall stores, shoes from lower-priced department stores, and bags or other goods in the lower price range.

2.Top-grain leather

Top-grain leather is the grade of leather you’ll find in “fine” leather goods and can be considered the middle quality of leather. It’s used in the vast majority of purses for women, as well as small leather goods for men, like wallets Handbags etc…
It’s made by splitting a piece of full-grain leather and sanding away any imperfections in the hide and stamping a fake grain on it. The finished product ends up being plastic-like and not as durable as the best quality leather. It will not age well with use, and will end up looking old and worn after a time.

3.Full-grain leather

Buy a best quality Leather is Full-grain leather. Which is takes the entire grain of hide, with all the imperfections and inherent toughness of the material.

It’s often used for heavy-duty leather items, like weapon holsters and utility belts. But it can also be used for dress belts, briefcases, work boots, and numerous other leather goods.

This type of leather is often naturally marked with imperfections from the animal, like a brand or a scar, but products from pricier companies won’t use these flawed hides — making it even more expensive.

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